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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #86

Mattiebelle Wrote:

Hi Dania
You look so young and pretty! Thanks for this site, I found it very encouraging as well as informative. I am a 56 yrs old and ready to get started! I recently did a photo shoot for a professional photographer as TFP (time for prints). She took some good headshots and will do full body ones on our next shoot. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. I live in the DC area, where and how do I get started? Thank you for your response. Mattiebelle 

Hi, Mattiebelle! Thank you so much for the compliments and I'm so excited that you want to finally pursue your dream of lifestyle & mature modeling, good for you! My best advice for you getting started is to decide if you want to get signed to a modeling agency or do freelance. I always believe that having an agency behind you is the best way to go because they will be responsible for finding you work, marketing you and helping you develop your career. Simply find legit and reputable agencies in your area and refer to their official website to get instructions on how to submit yourself for consideration.

The DC area isn't a huge modeling market so just know that there are not a huge number of modeling agencies to choose from but there is one that I am aware of in DC that you should check out:

T.H.E. Artist Agency

If you'd prefer to freelance that means you will be responsible for marketing yourself and finding your own work, which can be difficult, especially if you are new to the industry. Most freelance models use the Internet to post their photos and stats online where potential clients can consider them for gigs. Sites like Model Mayhem, One Model Place and other online modeling communities are ideal places to set up your own modeling profile. These sites also have casting sections where you can search for work in your area.

I hope that helps and feel free to email me if you require more assistance with getting your career started. Best of luck to you!


Michele said...

This is wonderful information. I have just turned 60 and am very interested in lifestyle modeling. I am currently in PR, and was referred to a local agency by a makeup artist who prepared me for a television interview. She said that even though I lack modeling experience, my background in public speaking, being interviewed, and working with the media could be helpful. Are there other types of experience I should highlight?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Michele! Thanks for the question, you'll find your answer in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #90." Thanks for reading!