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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #189

Anonymous Wrote:

hey dania im feeling insecure about my back i work out like crazy and diet but the fat on my back won't budge im losing inches every where else im really frustrated and i dont know what to do. in regards to a bikini i look OK from the front what do i do because i want my small pockets of back fat gone. im 5'4'' measurements are 31.5 D, 26.5 and 36.5 im african american i dont know if that will help but im really frustrated with my body please help me 

Hi, Anonymous! I can definitely hear the frustration in your words and am sorry you have to deal with such an issue. It's good that you are physically active and watch what you eat. Are you performing exercises that are designed to workout the back area where your pockets of fat are? General exercise alone won't be enough. Check out the link below from the site LiveStrong.com, which lists specific exercises for getting rid of back fat:

How to Get Rid of Back Fat Rolls With Exercise

Genetics plays a huge part in why some women develop pockets of back fat and others don't. The way people lose fat is in a predetermined, genetic order. It doesn't come off in uniform/even amounts from the body all at once. It is also important to know that targeting the area through exercise alone won't miraculously get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, this is a tough issue to deal with but hopefully some of the exercises from the link above will give you better results. Remain consistent and you should notice a difference. Sometimes it takes months or even longer to get favorable results.


Anonymous said...

hi dania thanks for answering my question:) the fat on my back is right behind my breast like right below my shoulder blade i hope i explained that well:). i'm frustrated because i dont have a big back as you read my band is pretty small 31.5 so im annoyed with my body it's being too stubborn. i have another question regarding my back I have a huge scar below my left shoulder blade due to childhood surgery. I figure clients wont want to use my back anyway because of that issue so should I be so obsessed with my small pockets of fat?

Dania Denise said...

Hi! You'll find the answer to your latest question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #190." Thanks!