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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Tip #19

Category: Etiquette
For: Male & Female Models

This may make me seem like a stickler but as I always say, it's in the details! I personally and professionally do not like chewing gum--mainly because it becomes such a bad habit that most people forget they're doing it...namely when attending castings, go-sees and shoots. It just looks so unprofessional (I can't help but think of cows chewing grass whenever I see someone actively smacking on their gum). I can't tell you the number of times I've seen models called out on this habit by clients...pretty embarrassing. I got out of gum chewing a long time ago and highly favor mints (Tic Tacs are my drug of choice, lol). They're small and I can easily chew and swallow it at the last minute while still having fresh breath.

So my advice, carry a tin of mints with you when going to modeling gigs if you're concerned about your breath. If you just have to chew gum, only do so afterwards when business is taken care of. Like I said, it may seem like a little thing to make a fuss over but if you've seen how irritated or put off clients are by having a model smacking on gum during a shoot, go-see or casting, you'll know there's a reason I've posted about this subject as a Quick Tip. ;-)

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