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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Latest Fashion Show: Saffron Rare Threads Spring Soiree

As always, I value the clients that continuously hire me for their projects. Saffron Rare Threads is one of them. For those of you that have been with my blog for a while may remember me posting about the fashion shows I've done for them before. I was very happy when the owner of the chic boutique in San Francisco's Embarcadero Center, Priya, contacted me and asked if I would rock her clothes again in their latest show, which actually takes place in the boutique itself.

I rarely need much pressure from Priya to do her shows so of course I was more than thrilled to come back. What I love about Priya as a client is that she makes exceptions to the height rule. The models she chooses to walk in her shows are of different heights...I'm typically the shortest and the others are around traditional runway height. But it doesn't matter and it doesn't look odd because what's important is that Priya and her crew focus on the fashion and choosing outfits that fit each of us appropriately and work for our body shape and height.

Here are some flicks from the show:

This dress was perhaps the audience favorite of the night. It can be worn a dozen different ways and the fabric is super comfy!

I had a lot of women--and even their husbands--track me down after the show so that I could show them where this dress was so they could try it on and buy it.

The customary group shot after the show. Priya, the owner of Saffron Rare Threads, is the petite beauty in the center. I really liked my yellow ensemble--I could have been part of the Mad Men cast!

My favorite shot and outfit of the night.
Actually, I think I'm one of the few (if not the only) "shorter" model that she uses in her shows. Do you know why? Because, according to Priya and the numbers on her cash register, I sell the clothes. That's what all runway/fashion models are supposed to do. I think the fact that the audience sees a woman of my height and size wearing the clothes is a much more realistic representation of what they themselves could look like.

I can't tell you how often I've done shows for Saffron Rare Threads where directly after the show, I'll get approached by the audience (the models always mingle and do some shopping along with the rest of the crowd) and asked to show them where the outfits I wore were located in the store because they wanted to buy it after they saw me wearing it.

It's not the equivalent of Fashion Week but in its own way, doing shows for this particular boutique has allowed me to make an impact on the local fashion scene, as far as proving that the traditional runway and industry requirements aren't always the end all and be all. Despite not being 5'8"-6'0" I was still able to sell the outfits I wore and at the end of the day, when that is accomplished, that's all that matters. That fact alone keeps me working.


Anonymous said...

Dania, I have few questions. First my nostrils are different sizes, would that have a bad affect? Because I hope to be a model. Also I have a couple moles on my face, their not gross, hairy ones, just darkish freckles that I have always thought would help me because of one being in between my right eye and eyebrow, and another in the center of my right cheek. Also, what about body moles? Thank You

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Thompson! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #396," which can be found on my new blog: "Modeling 101 - Answering Readers Questions."

Please visit this link: http://amodelsdiary-readerquestions.blogspot.com/ and you can view your post there. Thanks for reading!