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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dania Denise Webinar Update #1

First off, I want to say "Thank You" to those that have answered my 3 polls in regards to what you'd like to see from my webinar. There are a few days left to vote so if you haven't done so already, please answer all 3 polls!

Based on the results so far, the topic/focus of the webinar is neck-and-neck between these two topics:
  • Breaking Into the Industry: What You Really Need to Snag a Modeling Agent
  • The 411 on What Agencies Really Look for in Models
Because these two are pretty similar, I feel confident saying the webinar will be mainly centered around the first topic but with elements of the second topic also weaved in. Based on how well the first webinar event goes I will definitely work on hosting more of them throughout this year and I will be using the feedback from the polls to determine which topics will be covered and in what order.

Not counting the two topics listed above, there are 4 additional topics that I can easily plan a webinar around. The order of popularity people voted on will be the order that I will be doing those subjects on at later dates...in case you were wondering. So don't worry, over time all the things you want to know about the topics you voted for will be addressed!

While nothing has been set in stone yet, right now it's highly likely that I'll be using the site GoToMeeting to host the webinar. I've used their services in the past and I really like the products they offer. For webinars they basically offer an all-in-one product where I can invite people to register for the event and send reminders. Also, if you attend you can ask questions via any mic set up to your computer or call in via telephone. While hosting the webinar, I'll be able to show the audience whatever is on my screen, too (which fulfills the requests from some poll takers that expressed interest in seeing some kind of presentation).

If you're interested in what to expect from my webinar (should I officially go with GoToMeeting), here is a link that explains in detail how the event works through their site:


I spoke with the sales staff at GoToMeeting and asked about the possibility of adding video so that my audience could see me. They currently don't offer this but WILL be adding it to their webinar services in a little under a month from now. GoToMeeting said they will contact me directly once the video component has been added. So it's safe to say that until I get that call, the webinar will be in the pre-planning phase.

That's it for now but I will keep you posted as the process of getting this webinar live gets underway!

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