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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pros of Promotional Modeling

As you know, I aim to provide my blog readers with insider information about all things related to modeling. However, I'm not an expert in all categories. I don't normally have guest writers/contributors on my blog but when it comes to subjects I don't feel I have enough experience to write about, I will reach out to the best. 

The following is a guest post written by Margaret Colebeck. Margaret is a Marketing Associate, Model Coordinator, and trade show modeling expert for Vantage Advertising. Also known as Models4tradeshows.com, Vantage Advertising is a nationwide event staffing company that hires trade show models and promotional models for events throughout the United States and Canada.

I've asked Margaret to write a handful of posts related solely to working within the promotional modeling field. Please note that I do not work for Margaret or Vantage Advertising. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about promo modeling, please visit the site link above and you'll get all the info you'll need.

Aaaannnnd, take it away, Margaret!

So, you’ve stumbled upon the promotional modeling industry, have briefly done research on promotional models, and have considered getting involved. But, that’s where you’re stuck. You’re not sure if promotional modeling is right for you.  Like traditional modeling, promotional modeling isn’t for everyone. But, for those models that are just starting out, becoming a promotional model is a great way to make money, gain experience, and get noticed in the modeling world.

To help determine if promotional modeling is an ideal fit for you, we’ve outlined the pros of becoming a promotional model (the cons will be in a follow-up post).

Great Pay: No matter how you slice it, promotional modeling is an easy way to make money. Standard rates for promotional modeling range from $15-$30/hour. For specialty events, the rate can sometimes be as high as $45-$50/hour, or more!

Flexibility on Appearance: Unlike traditional modeling, promotional modeling is less strict on appearance. From 5’0” to 6’0”, thin models to average size models, tattooed or not, promotional models tend to get hired based on their professionalism, personality, and experience level over appearance.

Make Your Own Schedule: Similar to the pros of being a freelance model, promotional modeling allows you the flexibility of making your own schedule. You decide when and how often you want to work. This is ideal for students that are going to school full or part-time.

Traveling: Promotional events, trade shows, conventions, and conferences occur all year around across the globe. Becoming a promotional model allows you the opportunity to travel to locations you’ve never been.  **Disclaimer – Please note that not all agencies and/or clients will pay for travel.

Access into Unique Events: When you work as a promotional model for hire, you have the opportunity to experience a convention, festival, event, or trade show for free, even if it’s not open to the public.

Set Your Own Rates: Promotional models have the ability to negotiate their rates with agencies and clients based on their responsibilities and attire. This allows promotional models to create their own standards and decide what type of events they are willing to work.

Networking:  By working as a promotional model, you have the opportunity to network with other models in the industry. Many of these models will have years of experience in not only the promotional modeling world, but in modeling in general. By networking with these models, you’ll have the opportunity to receive modeling tips and advice from someone who has been in the industry for years. Talk about a gold mine of information!

Stepping Stone: With a little bit of networking and a lot of hard work, promotional modeling can become your stepping stone into other areas of modeling. Many experienced promotional models have the opportunity to do photo-shoots or video shoots that help to jump start their modeling careers.


Emily said...

Love your website. Have just shared it with our roster of Toronto promotional models. It's great to see models that are more than just a pretty face but brains behind the beauty. I run a promotional modelling agency and would love to guest blog sometime. Please check out my company here.

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Quintessential Promotions said...

Thank you, Margaret! You hit a lot of the pros that originally attracted me to promotional modeling, too. I especially enjoy the travel element; meeting new people and exploring new places is the best way to make a living =)

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