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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Music Video Modeling Revisited

Once again, this particular topic is for those who are 18+.

I made a post a while back about getting into music videos as a video girl or model. I figured it was time to update my information and provide a resource that I hadn't thought to bring up in my past post, "The Video Girl, The Video Vixen and the Video Ho."

There are three parts a woman can play when it comes to music videos:

1) Lead Girl
2) Background Extra
3) Dancer

The Lead Girl is usually a model and/or actress who is featured in the video, mostly playing opposite the music artist. She is sexy, confident and normally doesn't have to shake her junk. Essentially, she is the star of the video, next to the music artist, of course. These models/actresses are paid the highest among the three roles and they are usually represented by an agency that makes sure their talent is treated with the utmost respect on set.

The Background Extra is the easiest role to get and involves being in a sea of other background extras, dancing to the song and giving life to the video. The number of extras depends on the concept of the shoot and how many people the casting director can get, but the number normally falls between 50-100 extras. How else do you think they make a club look full?

Oftentimes, there will be the opportunity for some extras to get cameos in the video, where the camera will focus on one or a small group of girls dancing. Many young ladies fall over themselves just to be in such a shot but the chances of it happening vary greatly. There may be a video you're an extra in, where you can actually see yourself and other times you may not appear once.

Being an extra in a music video doesn't guarantee you'll appear in the final version. Background extras typically don't get paid at all, but there are some instances where you may be paid a flat fee like $50-150 for 8 hours or more of work.

The dancer is a great role for those of you who enjoy dancing and are good at it. Having a dance background or being able to learn and do choreography is also helpful. Sometimes casting directors will find specific dancers to feature in the video while casting for extras or they'll hire professional dancers. If you want to bump up to a more visible position in a music video, when you attend the casting call, be sure to pull off your best moves and attitude and you may be cast for a slightly bigger role than that of a regular background extra.

Ethnicity Models is the agency responsible for supplying the most beautiful and exotic models and actresses that you see in music videos today--namely the rap and hip hop videos. If you're interested in trying your luck, you can visit the website: www.ethnicitymodels.com. They offer the chance to be included in their vast database or you can pay a membership fee to have your online portfolio seen by their best clients.

While this company isn't a scam (although it does employ some of the same scam-like tactics I've covered before, the company's long list of proven clients and track record prove it is legit and reputable), it does charge a $20 application fee to cover its expenses to handle its huge load of submissions so it's up to you to decide if it's worth paying.

If Ethnicity Models thinks you have a marketable look, they'll allow you to post your photos on their site and contact you with work. That part operates like a casting agency and being allowed on the database does not mean that Ethnicity Models is your agent. They state that if they like your look and think you can be an asset to them, there are extra steps you'll need to take to have Ethnicity Models as your legit agent. So keep that in mind.

So far this is the best way I have seen to try and break into the music video modeling industry without having to sleep your way to the top--and believe me, that is still the number one way that many young ladies pursue the chance to appear in a video.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to appear in a music video, even if it's only to shake your money maker but if you're serious about becoming the next Melyssa Ford or K.D., then there are a few more steps to take and it's up to you to find the right venues and networking opportunities to take advantage of this opportunity.

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