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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Small Markets vs. Large Markets

Signing with a top agent is every model and aspiring model's dream. But unless you live in one of the hot spots--Los Angeles, New York, Miami--chances are, you'll have to sign with a smaller agency in a smaller market.

First thing's first: learn to be grateful for the opportunities that come your way. There are entirely too many people reaching for the goal of pursuing a modeling career for you to be whining about the kind of representation you have.

By simply having an agent, no matter what size market you're in, opens up more doors for you than you could ever hope to find on your own in most cases. It always annoys me to hear about models who complain about their agencies when there are so many others who dream of just getting signed.

Any legit and reputable agency will get you work, no matter what size market you're in. Even if you're getting work in a city that isn't easily found on a map, you're still booking jobs that cater to that specific city's demographic/target audience. You're still a model and shouldn't feel inferior to someone who is represented by Elite or some other top agency.

Getting signed to an agency in a small market can only help and not hurt your career. The fact that you have an agency that wants to sign you is reason enough to celebrate. Once you've signed the contract and start getting work, you're already building up your portfolio and marketability. This is a positive thing, not something to be looked down upon.

Sure, smaller agencies may not have a lot of glitz and glamour that the bigger agencies do but they still do their job of getting your face out there in the public eye. Being in a small market does NOT mean that is where you'll stay. I think that is a common misconception that some aspiring models have.

Some of the biggest models have switched agencies many times and bumped up to bigger and better ones as their careers progressed. And it doesn't matter what type of model you are--the option to move on to a better agency is always an alternative as long as you go about it the right way.

Once you've built a great portfolio and decide that you're ready to seek representation in a bigger market (keep in mind that 9 times out of 10, you'll have to relocate) then you can begin submitting your photos to bigger agencies in larger markets.

While most of these top agencies prefer models with little to no experience, that doesn't mean they'll turn down a model who already have an awesome portfolio and experience. That may work in your favor and get you signed in a larger market. Just make sure that you pursue this path closer to the time that your contract with your current agent expires. Avoid breaching a contract at all costs.

For those of you who would rather head straight to the top, go ahead. There is nothing stopping you other than yourself (and maybe your parents). Exhaust all possibilities and submit yourself to every agency and attend every casting call the larger market has to offer.

But if you come up empty-handed, then know that going back to a smaller market doesn't make you any less of a model. Never count the smaller agencies out. They may be just the stepping stone you need to reach out for bigger and better opportunities down the line. Patience is key and so is hard work and determination.

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