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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Model Dorms

Let’s talk about model dorms. As the name implies, model dorms are a living arrangement where models are roommates in an apartment, condo or small house. The housing expenses are covered by the models’ agency.

However, it should be noted that the fabulous houses and condos you see the models enjoy on shows like ANTM, are all hype. Even the most prestigious modeling agencies will not fork out such a huge expense on model dorms. So don’t expect to get a huge room with eclectic furnishings and cushy accommodations.

Just like dorm rooms in college, the living space that models share can be pretty cramped at times. The rooms can be sparse, with only bunk beds in the room and a dresser or two or a little roomier with separate beds. But you will have to share a kitchen and one or two bathrooms, depending on how much space there is.

New models often are relocated to a model dorm by their agency in order for the model to be closer to the work they get booked for and so they don’t have to come out of pocket right away to pay for their living situation (how many 16-year-olds do you know who can afford their own apartment in a large city like New York or has parents who can?).

This is a cost-effective way for the agency to know where their models are and to ensure that they are not alone unsupervised. If the agency has faith that their models will book high-paying gigs, then they may invest in a nicer dorm/living situation but for the most part, this is just an area to chill and sleep in between shoots and fashion shows.

There is often a model scout or other member of the agency staff who lives in the dorm as well and is there to supervise the models and make sure things don’t get out of hand, which often happens. By now you may or may not have heard of the book, “Secrets of the Model Dorms,” by Amanda Kerlin. She moved to a model dorm in NY at age 16. The book pretty much highlights the alcohol abuse, wild behavior and sexual promiscuity of some of the models in addition to her experiences as a young fashion model.

This book probably isn’t going to give a new, young model’s parents much comfort but of course not all model dorms will be like the one described in this book. As long as the parents trust their child and the model can keep away from the temptations that can bring down their career, there should be no reason why living in a model dorm can’t be somewhat pleasant.

For models who need it, private tutors can be provided so that the models don’t fall behind on their education. Not all agencies offer model dorms so as you go on your search, be sure to inquire about this when speaking to an agency. Some parents may be afraid that they’ll have to move the entire family to where the agency is but that isn’t true. That’s the whole purpose of the model dorms.

Most models stay in the dorms for a few weeks to a few years on and off. It is common to see models come and go in the dorms. Many save up their money from modeling gigs and eventually are financially stable enough to get their own apartment.


Fashion Addict said...

great post! I never really thought about model dorms... it's nice that you write about these sort of topics.

fashion addict said...

Hey! I saw your message the other day about the Vogue cover controversy. And I had a blast writing a post about, so please take a look at it when you have the time! I dedicated it to you!!!

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Glad you read my post and liked the way I arranged the photos. lol! At first I didn't understand Gisele's pose and expression on the front cover, but it finally sunk into me and I started to like it... haha. thanks again!