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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #14

Anonymous Wrote:

How does one convince the Model Mayhem photographers to give you all the proofs from a shoot?

Don't they frown on models retouching their shots themselves?


It's a matter of finding the right photographers. You'll be wasting time and resources by trying to convince a photog to give you copies of the images if it's not part of their policy. I've come across many that willingly offer a CD of all the images, while I've also run into a few that were appalled by the fact that I wanted the raw photos. If you can't find a photographer through MM who can give you all the proofs from the shoot, then I suggest posting a casting for a photographer under their casting section of the site. Instead of searching for them, let them come to you.

Simply state that you are looking for a photographer to do a test shoot with who is willing to offer you all the high-res images on CD. No need to go into detail by mentioning that you want them raw so you can retouch them. Keep it vague and then see who responds and take things from there.

It takes some time to come across the right MM photographers who will give you what you need. For photographers, their work speaks for themselves so it takes a lot of trust for them to put their images raw into a model's hand and let them do what they will. You also have to understand that models like you and I are rare...not too many have the skills to retouch their own photos. Many photogs are so used to the system and doing it themselves that I'm sure coming across a do-it-yourself type of model makes them do a double take. I've been fortunate to come across photographers who actually said, "Do what you want with the photos, I don't care!" Of course, out of common courtesy, when posting their images online, I always try to put the photographer's name for credit or a watermark or logo.

So be patient, be diligent and post a casting, listing what you need. Remember, you don't have to explain yourself...simply say you want copies of the images on CD or accessible from an online gallery where you can download them.

Hope that helps!

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