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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #18

Ki-Ki Wrote:

Hey Dania,

IT'S ME AGAIN!!!HOW WAS YOUR WEEK??? A lot has happended for me this week also. The last couple of post that you put up have been very informative. Coincidently, this week I met up with a STOCK photographer, who's fairly new and cannot afford to pay me but he will definately COMPENSATE me. This photographer put up a post a couple of days ago, saying that he is looking for models to do everyday shots. I sent him an email saying that I was interested and we set up a day to meet. I checked out his work before I met him though. When he met he told me that he just started doing stock photography and currently cannot afford to pay me but he will take free pictures for me and if I do a couple shots for him. Is this a good deal??

Just to add more details...(I was at work so I had to rush) When I met with the photographer he explained to me what stock photography was (thanks to your post I already knew)and that it was something new for him to do. He said he was interested in doing everyday shots, such as me running to walking. Then he would try to sell the pictures to companies, magazines, etc. He said that he only gets about 20% for the shots that he sells. Thus, he said that for now he can take pictures for me for my portfolio. He said that I could choose what type of theme I want and just email he to let him know. In exchange, for my portfolio I would have to do a few shots for him. Then latter on when things are better for him, he can pay me. Is this good compensation to you????????

Hey, Ki-Ki!

Based off what you've told me, this is a good deal and it is one of the most common exchanges between a photographer and model. Money is one thing but he did let you know his situation up front and is also offering to help you get your portfolio together. So this is a win-win situation for you. As long as you get shots in return, this deal is a good one for you to take.

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