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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #15

Ki~ki Wrote:

Congratulations on your stock photography success!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I went to my modeling interview and it went great. I had an interview with MainLine Models, in Media, PA and she said that she loved my look. However since I told her that I never had training in this field. She said that she wasnt going to sign me yet and she told me about training that is held there. She said she wanted me to come back this thursday to start. The training is for 6 weeks at $380. At first I wondered if she was really that interested in my look or if she is trying to get money out of me. Does this sound correct to you, Dania????????????
I also have a open call today at 10am. THanks Dania for all your help!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that is very awesome that you had a successful interview! Kudos! However, you are right to be cautious about the whole arrangement she wants you to do with the training classes. Some agencies are also affiliated with their own model training classes and schools, which you do have to pay for. I'm not sure how this arrangement works but I have heard that sometimes smaller agencies do this when they don't make a lot of money compared to other agencies so the training and classes basically help them make some extra money while signing models as usual. However, I also know of other agencies who willingly train their models for free after offering them a contract to sign.

In this situation, go to your open call today and hopefully they offer you a contract minus the classes/training. If they do, obviously this will be the better choice for you. When an agency starts throwing money for classes into the picture it's best to exercise caution and find an agency who will sign you and train you for free. I guarantee that if you pass up this first agency but want to go back to them later on, they will totally let you if you want to pay for the classes. Money shouldn't completely dictate why an agency will or will not sign you. Agencies also arrange test shoots for new models so I don't see what benefit you would have to pay that much money for something other agencies do for free.

I found this link about MainLine Models. It's an interesting read and may help you with your decision: http://www.easybackgroundcheck.com/mainlinemodelsandtalent.html.

So good luck to you and I hope this second agency works more in your favor and best interest, instead of what they can get out of your wallet.

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