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Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Gig: Trends Era Black & Red Valentine's Show

To celebrate Valentine's Day I had the pleasure of participating in a fashion show that wasn't quite a fashion show lol. Let me explain. Through Facebook I ended up networking with a photographer out of the Bay Area, who wanted to hire me for an event. That event turned out to be the Trends Era Black & Red Valentine's Show.

The event would be showcasing the designs of a local designer named Amanda Howard, who has her own line called Exceptions Design. There were three models total and it would be taking place in the evening. I saw it as a great networking opportunity so I agreed.

The event wasn't actually a traditional fashion/runway show, however. The idea was that each of the models would wear one of Amanda's outfits and participate in a live photoshoot, where the audience could watch. After the shoot, we were free to mingle with the crowd and tell people about our outfit and give them business cards to help promote the line.

I showed up early (as is my habit lol) and got into hair and makeup right away. The two other models showed up, followed by Amanda and her parents, who helped set up a table for her lookbook collection and guestlist sign in, as well as clothes racks featuring her latest designs. Not only were we modeling at the event, people that attended also had the opportunity to purchase or place orders for Amanda's clothes on site.

It was a huge turnout and the place got packed in less than an hour. After I did my solo shoot, I networked with the crowd and then went back for group shots. Afterwards we danced our butts off. I had a great time and am sure that the event gave Amanda a huge boost in business and exposure.

Additionally, there was a woman there from a runway production company that was interested in her work and wants to arrange to have her show her stuff on the runway...and Amanda said she'd bring us along for the ride! So all in all it was a productive and very beneficial experience that I was more than happy to be a part of.

Here are some pictures from the event. Kola Shobo, the official photographer, used special lighting equipment, while Amanda's mom used the natural lighting available so that's why there's such a difference in the way some of the images appear:

I LOVED my makeup!!!

Making sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions.
Striking a pose for Amanda's mom.
Why not smile? Can't be serious all the time!
Okay, now I had to be serious for the photographer lol.
Gotta bring the diva!
The models of Exceptions Design.
Posing with designer, Amanda Howard.


Aberwaa said...

Greetings Dania.

I am a 30+ model and have found your blog to be valuable!

I have many years of pageantry experience, and have modeled on-and-off for the past 9 years - with a number of TFP gigs. With that, I have decided that I wanted to work with an agency; I have spoken with a few agencies that have alerted me that they already have someone with my "look". Dang it!

So, can you recommend any agencies in the DC DMV/Baltimore/PA area? I reside in DC. Im sure you have a better insight than I do.

Additionally, I was contacted, after a casting call, by Wilhemina PA, and offered a 2 year, exclusive, contract. I passed on it. I was informed by the rep that I need to pay $2700 within 2 months before I could be represented.

As you may know, Wilhemina PA is an affiliate of Wilhemina, and after speaking with Wilhemina NY and LA, I was told that the operations of PA was up to PA. (Thus, Im thinking that affiliates operate differently from the "mother agency").

So, along with the other agency information, can you also offer any further insight to PA. Should I go back to them? (I had a lawyer to review the contact and the only issue was the upfront costs.)



Dania Denise said...

Hi, Aberwaa! Thanks for the question! You'll find your answer in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #120." Thanks for reading! You are greatly appreciated!