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Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest Shoot: Lifestyle/Couple Shoot

One of my goals was to completely revamp my portfolio (my physical "book," not my images online). My reason for doing this was to make sure that when I attended in-person castings, especially in the Los Angeles area, that my images would be of the best quality and truly show my diversity in looks--not to mention they needed to be updated anyway lol.

I wanted to have more lifestyle images in my new port so I put together the concept shoot called "Lazy Sunday," which is basically a candid look into the life of a couple in love. I contacted my fellow model, Cameron Clark, to play my hubby. I hired Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography, who I had worked with previously on two other shoots. Because the shoot was commercial in nature, there was no need for fancy hair, makeup or wardrobe styling, which made things really convenient.

Once I had my crew in place, I began doing research online for locations. Cameron suggested a bed and breakfast, which was an awesome idea, since I wanted the pictures to look like we were spending a day in our own home, instead of a hotel or something. After making a few phone calls, I managed to secure the Atherton Inn Bed & Breakfast, which was about an hour away from where we all lived. The owner had never had a photoshoot take place at her location before (aside from wedding related stuff) so I went over the process with her and worked out the details.

The shoot started at around 9am and we started in the bedroom, where we shot in the bed, out on the balcony and in the bathroom. Then we moved downstairs to the gourmet kitchen as well as the dining room area. The next location was the living room, where there was a great piano near the window. As the day wound down, we went back upstairs to shoot in front of a large window that overlooked the neighborhood.

Overall, the shoot went well. We laughed and joked the entire time and the day flew by. The staff at the bed and breakfast were wonderful and pretty much gave us free reign of the facilities. Out of 400-500 images I managed to narrow down my favorites to 10 and from there I narrowed it down further to create the collages that I've shared below:

The second collage image is actually going to be printed out for my portfolio.

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