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Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Tip #6

Category: Pictures
For female & male models

This Quick Tip is for freelance models with Gmail accounts. When submitting to modeling gigs on Craig's List (yes, if you wade through the crap and scams, there are some legit projects to be found), you've probably noticed that there is a 150 kb size limit when sending pictures. To avoid this limitation, use the "inserting images" feature in Gmail. It allows you to put your pictures into the body of your email, where you can resize them as needed. The perk: it doesn't affect the total size of your email so you can add multiple pictures without worrying about having your message bounced back because it is larger than 150 kb.

If this function isn't already available to you, you'll have to go to your Gmail account and click on "Options." From the drop down menu, select "Labs" and look for the lab titled, "Inserting Images" and make sure "enabled" is highlighted. Save your changes and you'll be good to go!

Using this method is especially ideal if you have other important documents to attach, such as a modeling resume. If you have a different email provider you may want to see if there is a similar function/tool that allows you to do the same thing.

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