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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Raw Unearthed Fashion Show, San Francisco

Got a chance to track down photos from the latest fashion shows I've done recently. This one was for a local designer I had worked with before, Amanda Howard, of Exceptions Designs.

The Raw Unearthed Fashion Show took place at one of San Francisco's popular art galleries that also had a bar area. The cool thing about this event, which was similar to the other show I did with Amanda, was that hair and makeup was all done on the floor in front of the public.

Because I had done this before, I wasn't too unnerved by having people see us "undone" lol. The hair stylist took out my extensions and flat ironed my hair with the original plan of putting them in as a live demo to the audience. Unfortunately, time was working against us so we didn't get a chance to do that. As a last minute decision, they just kept my natural hair and braided it into an updo.

We had one model flake so that shifted the lineup and who got to wear what outfit. The turnout was great...the place was packed and everyone was really excited for the show. I had one outfit that truly allowed me to experience was Jennifer Lopez must have felt when she wore that famous Versace dress.

Let's just say double-sided tape was my best friend that night! I was excited, too, because it was the second time that I got to be the closing model to walk with the designer (for fashionista/fashion show fans, you know how significant that is).

Here are some flicks from the show:

My risque dress. Thank you, double-sided tape!

Striking a pose after the show.

I got a lot of kudos from the ladies in the audience, who said they'd never have the guts to wear such a dress.

It took every ounce of control I had to not look at my chest to see if one of my breasts came out...the whole time I chanted to myself, "Don't look at your boobs, don't look at your boobs..." LOL

Don't worry, I was instructed to hold part of the dress as I walked. ;-)

Waiting for hair and makeup before the show. Never thought I'd be addicted to my phone but, alas, I am!