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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #146

Anonymous Wrote:

Hello Dania, I love your blog! I am going to an open call in a little while, and the agency didn't specify about bringing shapshots, but I figured it'd be better to be safe than sorry. All it said was that professional photos weren't necessary. So should I bring them in the photo envelope, or in a folder, or a binder? And does it matter what size the pictures are? Like should I make a picture a full page, or the typical photo size? Thanks!! 

Hi, Anonymous! Excellent questions! Let's get you some answers. :-)

Your snapshots should be about 5"x 7" in size. The only time your photos should be large, like an 8"x 10", is if they are professional pictures. 5"x 7" is ideal for bringing with you to open calls. You can carry them in your hand if you want--there is no particular or preferred way that agencies want you to bring them. They don't have to be put on display in a portfolio case, binder or anything fancy. But if you want to just put them in a photo envelope that will prevent them from getting damaged or bent, that's fine. Be prepared to give your snapshots to the agencies for them to keep as well. Some people don't know that and kind of panic (why, I'm not sure lol). So make sure you've got copies saved on your computer so you can print them out again for future open calls.

Good luck--I'm rooting for ya!!!

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