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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #342

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi! I got invited to an invitation-only open call and I have a few questions. The email they sent me about three weeks after I mailed snapshots says that there will be 10-12 other models and "it takes about an hour". Do you think they mean they will interview with 10-12 people all in one hour, or one hour each? They also said they are considering me for their fashion division, does that mean the same thing as runway? Also, do you think that I should wear heels? Does it make a better impression? Thank you for all of your help! 

Hey, Anonymous! Congrats on getting the invite to the open call!

I would think the "hour" includes the entire process from the time to you sign in, get interviewed/evaluated, etc. Casting calls are typically not long in duration. They'll more than likely have more than one person conducting the open calls (to make things go faster) or will bring people in 2-3 at a time. It's unlikely that they'll take 1 hour with each model.

Usually fashion will also include runway but that will mainly be determined by how good your walk is. Fashion modeling covers doing photoshoots for brands, products, ad campaigns, etc. So it is not the same as runway, which just involves walking in fashion shows. Almost all fashion models also do runway, however.

ALWAYS wear heels! Even if you are already super tall, heels are the main part of a model's "uniform." So make it a point to wear heels (4 inches is ideal) to anything modeling-related: casting calls, go-sees, castings, shoots, etc. I wish you the best of luck with your casting call!

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