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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Bridal Fashion Show Fun!!!

We only have two shows left for the Brocade Wedding Fair Spring Season--I can't believe it's gone by so fast! Thankfully we have some amazing photographers that have really put in work in capturing some fun moments of us on stage. This is the first season where we've gotten the pictures so soon after finishing a show and since I always enjoy sharing them with my readers...here you go!

My favorite "Vogue" scene, where I go into diva mode and represent for my ladies!

Being the finale bride at the end of the second show...my "father" is very emotional in giving me away to my "groom" lol.
This is the "Vogue" scene during the second show (we do two fashion shows and alternate outfits). When I come out as the last model, I do a 3-count to the other models on stage, which signals them to do their last "Vogue pose" before exiting the stage.

Me and my "groom," Sam in our opening scene for the second show.

It's hard not to smile/laugh when working with Sam on stage...he's such a character!


I love this dress and so does the crowd!

Working the Greek goddess look with a destination bridal gown from Blessed Brides By Sarah.

Another image from the same scene above.

Me and Sam making our entrance.

Posing at the end of the catwalk during the finale scene in the first show with my "boss," Porsha, who is the coordinator and choreographer for the shows.


Nilooooo! said...

I feel like you are becoming prettier and prettier every day Dania!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dania!
I was just wondering how long it took you to find an agency/get started. What was your first paycheck amount? Was it more or less than you expected? And with an agency did you get a lot of work, like how many jobs did you get in one month? I'm just wondering so I can learn about someone's past experience, even though I'll be sure to expect less because you're so much more talented! Keep up the great work and good luck with your future!

Dania Denise said...

Nilooooo! You are SUCH a doll...I <3 you! :-D

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #330." Thanks for reading!