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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Submitting to Modeling Agencies: No Trick Questions Involved

It can be intimidating as a new/inexperienced model to apply to agencies. However, there's no need to have anxiety attacks when it comes to submitting yourself. Agency websites state often that it's perfectly okay to NOT have professional pictures or a portfolio put together--they even state plainly on their sites that it's acceptable to send them snapshots.
That being said, when it comes to agency submissions that ask you to explain any experience you may have, tell the truth. There is nothing wrong with saying that you are new to the industry. This part of the submission process isn't a trick question--they need to know your level of experience in order to help factor in their decision to represent you. An agency isn't going to approach an experienced model seeking representation the same way they would a newbie.

Aspiring models that feel embarrassed or less worthy because they don't have previous experience are being way too hard on themselves and are seeing things from a personal perspective instead of a business one. They're asking you to provide your experience level information because it's going to factor in how they would potentially train and market you to clients. If an experienced model is looking for a new agency and he/she gets signed, the agency already knows that he/she will probably already have headshots, comp cards and a portfolio they can work with. But if a model puts on their application that they have little to no experience, then the agency knows there is going to be more effort required on their end to get that new model to break into the industry.

New faces with no experience get signed all the time so trust me when I say be honest and let agencies know that you're new. However, don't forget to throw in that you're eager to learn the ins and outs of modeling and look forward to pursing the industry seriously. Agencies love working with new models so don't feel the need to lie about your experience level or think that you shouldn't even apply because you see this question appear during the submission process. If you've got what it takes, your lack of experience won't be a hindrance.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I got invited to an invitation-only open call and I have a few questions. The email they sent me about three weeks after I mailed snapshots says that there will be 10-12 other models and "it takes about an hour". Do you think they mean they will interview with 10-12 people all in one hour, or one hour each? They also said they are considering me for their fashion division, does that mean the same thing as runway? Also, do you think that I should wear heels? Does it make a better impression? Thank you for all of your help!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #342." Thanks for reading!