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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aspiring Models & Jumping the Gun: Not a Winning Combo

I can't help but be amused when I talk to/mentor aspiring models. Just in talking to them or reading their emails, I can sense the anxiety, excitement, ambition and all the other emotions that come with the thought of pursuing modeling. Of course youth has a lot to do with it...many of the aspiring models that contact me are very young (13-17 usually but sometimes even as young as 10-years-old!).

When it comes to interacting with newbies with big dreams of making it big in modeling, I notice a couple of consistent behaviors/beliefs that seem to be common with the younger age group. The most obvious one I notice is that they're busy trying to apply to agencies before they've even reached the physical requirements. Everyone grows at their own rate--I've met 13 and 14-year-olds that were already a whopping 5'10", while I've met others the same age who were barely 5'4".

When a newbie asks me if they have a shot at being a fashion model but they're nowhere near the minimum height requirements and are still very young, I'm often not sure how to answer. Actually, the only answer I can give them is literally, "I don't know." If you're young and still have a few years to grow, only TIME will be the indicator as to whether or not you'll reach the height for fashion agencies to be interested in representing you. I, nor any other professional in the industry, can make that judgment call or predict the future. But you know who can get you a much more accurate answer? Your doctor! Aspiring models that are worrying themselves silly about if they'll grow to be super tall should make an appointment for a check-up with their doctor. They've got the expertise and know-how to help you get an idea of how tall you could potentially get, especially when they evaluate your parents and immediate family members. I'm no doctor so go with a pro when trying to determine if you'll eventually reach "model height" for fashion and runway.

Another common trend I see when working with younger, aspiring models is their anxiety about not having the right look or body type. If you're a 14-year-old girl wanting to be a model, why would you compare yourself to a Victoria's Secret model? Of course you're not going to have the body of a VS model now...you're 14! And yet I get messages from super young girls, worrying that they don't have the physical requirements to pursue modeling like VS. This is the type of jumping the gun behavior that is so unnecessary and actually worries me about their perception of the world/reality. Aspiring, young models, PLEASE stop stressing yourself out about why you don't have the same body as a grown woman...such behavior serves no purpose. Plus, it will give you major stress, which isn't healthy.

Young models hear me out and forgive me if I sound like your parents: stop trying to grow up so fast! Being young only lasts for a little while...being an adult lasts FOREVER! The supermodels you idolize are all grown women...it's okay to admire them but at this point in your young life, do NOT compare yourself to them and use that to try and figure out where you fit into the modeling industry.

Want to know if you can be a model? Want to know if you'll be successful? Want to know if you have what it takes to get a big agency to represent you? Do your homework and find out what the agency requirements are. Don't meet those requirements just yet and still have some growing to do? Then your solution would be to ENJOY BEING YOUNG! Hang out with your friends, get good grades in school and live in those moments where you don't have many cares in the world, no bills to pay, etc. The modeling industry isn't going to disappear before you get a chance to put yourself out there...it will be around for a long, long time.

You can't rush Mother Nature so don't worry about the things you can't control. And if you're just dying to be a model that dang bad, work with what you have--your age. Teen/preteen modeling exists and plenty of agencies have teen modeling divisions so go about pursing that to get your foot into the door, instead of trying to strategize how to get into fashion and runway modeling before your time.

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Lisa said...

For aspiring models that are attending school and college part-time. It's usually best that they limit their modeling activities when they are on longer vacations because it could ruin their studies as well as social life, meaning they could earn possibly bad reputations from their peers if they do a certain modeling job they may not approve of.