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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Latest Shoot: Menswear for Women

Remember how I raved about working with student photographers? That opinion hasn't changed. Via Facebook I networked with a young lady named Ming, who had posted on one of the FB modeling groups I belong to about needing models to shoot a concept with. I checked out her profile, liked what I saw and shot her a message with my interest after sending a friend request.

Prior to shooting, we messaged each other religiously about the look we were going for, what I needed to bring, what she was bringing, location, date, time, etc. Even in her writing I could tell she was professional and was very excited about working with her. It was a TFP shoot so in exchange I would get copies of the best images for my portfolio, which was fine with me. The only time I do free shoots these days if is I really like a photographers work and/or they want to shoot a concept/look I need in my portfolio. Both of which applied to Ming.

We met up in San Francisco at the de Young Museum. I brought a garment bag with a bunch of different options and she brought a few items along as well for wardrobe. I arrived camera ready with my hair pulled back into a low chignon and with my face on point, thanks to my makeup artist, Sophia Musto.

The concept was "Menswear for Women." I've personally always been a fan of women wearing men's clothing in fashion. I think it's super sexy. Once we knew what I was going to wear, I got changed and we set out to shoot. I knew right away things would work out wonderfully with Ming. She's got a great work ethic and is super efficient. We would pick a location, set up and shoot for a bit, preview what we'd shot, make tweaks if necessary and then move on to the next location. We spent about 2 hours shooting and got a lot of great images.

Below are our favorites:

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