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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tips for Using Facebook to Find Modeling Work

(This post is mainly beneficial for freelance models.)

It's no secret that social media has its advantages, especially when it comes to business and networking opportunities. Facebook has become one of the latest resources that models can tap into in order to find work and other professionals to connect with.

Although it's not set up to find castings like Model Mayhem and One Model Place, there are ways for models to stay on top of things in this category.

Do a Search for Industry Professionals

The great thing about social media is that everybody knows the importance of having profiles on sites like Facebook. From designers and photographers, to makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, modeling agencies and fashion publications, it isn't hard to find out who has a Facebook account and who doesn't. Is there a local company/brand/designer you want to try and work with? See if you can do a FB search by typing their name into the search bar and seeing what results pop up. Or you could do a general online search and see if a FB profile shows up.

Notice I said "local"? That's because it's not as likely that contacting Vogue Magazine (or some other world known brand/company/client) via Facebook and telling them how much you want to be in their magazine will get you very far. Be realistic when choosing who to contact and send friend requests to. I'm not saying you can't contact the heavy hitter names--because you can--but just know that starting with local clients is a more effective way to get the ball rolling when it comes to finding modeling work.

For the professionals that have profiles, it'll be your chance to connect by sending a friend request, message, etc. Making friends with industry people is encouraged because many are now using their profiles or fan pages to post casting call information, which is only visible to people on their friends list or who have "liked" their pages.

Make Friends with Photographers

Not sure where to start with networking with industry professionals? Photographers are a great place to start. Like I suggested above, do a search on Facebook for local photographers and see what their portfolios look like. Send a friend request and brief message of introduction if you like their work, they appear legit and operate on a professional level.

Successful photographers are published, work with clients and foster key connections with others in the industry. Being Facebook friends with photographers, as well as working with them as a result, is a way for models to get their foot in the door and have the opportunity to be introduced to that photographer's professional circle. When photographers enjoy working with male and female models, they'll talk to their circle about it and may even recommend them to clients for upcoming work and projects.

You don't have to be Facebook friends with every single photographer in your city. Remember, quality over quantity. Choose the best and it will lead to working with the best.

Join a Facebook Modeling Group

Anytime you get invited to join a modeling group on Facebook, accept it. I don't know about other areas but for me, there are a handful of FB modeling groups for the San Francisco Bay Area that I belong to. Some of them contain the same members and overlap with certain posts sometimes but it's still worth it to be in each one. For example, 2 of the groups are for local fashion magazines and its members have instant access anytime they post casting calls and other events where they need models. I can find out who to contact, what to send and can ask any questions I may have.

Oftentimes these groups are private or closed, which means you have to get invited. This is why networking is so important. The more industry affiliated people you add--both on a local as well as larger, national scale--the more likely you are to get wind of such groups and the higher your chances will be of getting invited and/or joining. Sometimes it's a lot of posts by other models asking people to vote for their modeling contests or "like" their pages but it does serve as a resource for finding potential castings as well.

Like Fan Pages of Industry Professionals

I kind of mentioned this already above but it's worth dedicating its own little portion. Not all of the industry pros that have FB profiles allow for friend requests and might only have fan pages that you can "like." If this is your only option, take it. Even if you can't add that person, they'll be notified of your "Like" and usually there is also the option to send a message. So there's still an opportunity to make contact.

I've been seeing more and more photographers, publications and other professionals stating that they want people to "Like" their pages so that they'll be able to keep track of people they potentially want to work with, as well as make sure those folks get info about new castings and modeling opportunities.

Social media is about promoting yourself but in most cases, you'll get faster results by also reaching out to others instead of just sitting back and waiting for them to find you.

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