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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Model, Agency, Client Process

New and aspiring models have quite a learning curve to tackle when getting into the modeling industry. While there are plenty of resources and information available, it's normal to still have a fear of the unknown, especially since you don't know what to expect until you're actually doing it.

When it comes to what models do, how they interact with agencies and clients it can be a bit confusing for those that are new to the whole thing. While not every model leads the same exact career, there are some processes that are commonplace.

So if you're wondering how things work, who deals with who and what's next, allow me to break it down...at least in the most basic aspects (there are more details that can be included but for now let's keep it simple):

The Model Gets Signed to An Agency

You can't be an agency represented model without an agent! Once the contract is signed, the agency's next step is to guide the model through setting up their first test shoot with a photographer, which is how their portfolio, headshots and comp cards are created. Now that those materials are done and in place, the agency will go to work submitting the model's name and images to their connections, as well as to any castings that they feel the model would be a good fit for.

The Model Attends Go-Sees, Castings, etc. for Clients

Agencies act as a matchmaker of sorts in order to put together the right models with the right clients/types of projects. In most cases, clients will contact agencies to let them know of an upcoming project that they need models for. They'll provide them with details about what's needed and from there the agency will go through their roster of male and/or female models to see who will be the best potential fit.

Sometimes the agency will send one or more models to the same casting calls and go-sees. Doing this increases their odds of getting one of their models chosen for the gig. It varies from client to client and what is needed. The model shows up to the casting call or go-see and meets with the client in person.

The Model Gets Hired

When the casting call or go-see is over, the client will then go back and review all the submissions and make their final decision. They'll inform the agency as to which model(s) they want and from there the agency will notify the model(s) and provide them with further details about the assignment (shoot date, time, location, etc.).

The Work is Done, Now the Payroll Process Starts

The model has performed his/her service and the project is all said and done. Now comes the payment part. Many new and aspiring models falsely believe that the agency is who pays the model. Not quite accurate. It is the client who pays the model--the agency is the middleman that gets the money to the model.

Now that the work has been completed, the client is then billed by the agency for the agreed upon amount. This starts the payroll process, which doesn't always happen right away. Once the client receives the invoice from the agency, they will handle payment on their end and cut a check, which is then sent to the agency's office.

When the agency gets the check from the client, which can take a few weeks or as long as 90 days, they'll then take their commission from it (20% is the average commission most--not all--agencies charge in today's market). The remaining amount is then sent via check to the model.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

As I stated already, no two models' careers are exactly alike but as far as interacting with agencies in regards to castings calls/go-sees, working with clients and the payment process goes, this is the gist of what the average, agency represented model can expect their routine to consist of.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dania! I am 14y.o and have been reading all your previous posts as I aspiring to become a model. I am very confident and very sociable. I am 5'6" but I am still growing. I wear heels almost on a daily basis to get use to the feel and to practice walking, I am able to do so with ease now. I also practice posing and I do very often focus on my facials and try to improve. I have mild acne but have just recently started a skincare regime a couple weeks ago and it has improved since, also I have acne on my back and have the occasional pimple on my chest. I also have gotten stretch marks on both sides of my hips purple in color after a recent growth spurt but have started using the product "Bio Oil" which is meant to improve the appearance of stretch marks over time. I don't diet but I try to eat as healthy as possible so I refrain from the fizzy drinks, juice, chocolate etc. I've also began exercising more. Another thing, I used to do ballet a year ago but have stopped after discovering it had been the cause of two corns on two of my toes due to the pressure of constantly being on pointe. I groom (eyebrows,nails etc.)once a week, oh and also I just remembered, does it matter if you have scars? I have a scar on my knee which isn't really noticeable but I was just wondering.

Anyways, what I'd like to know is if you think I have what it takes?

Another thing too, I have been prepping myself since last year, so when I was 13 and a half y.o I believe. And I have been told multiple times that I should model. It's just that, I haven't told my parents this is the career path I want to pursue as I am afraid of their reaction. PLEASE help me on this one, a few pointers of telling them?! Because every time they have asked me what I wanted to do when I left high school I have said things that I think of on the spot like a flight attendant, an accountant, a veterinarian etc.

One more question. From your knowledge of modeling, does breast size matter?

Thank-you for your help Dania ! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Dania!
(Pssst, its your silly bean!) My friend Anastasia told me she wants to start modeling. She just doesn't know where to start. What would you suggest? Miss you, and see you on October 14th!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your questions in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #488," which can be found on my new blog: "Modeling 101 - Answering Readers Questions."

Please visit this link: http://amodelsdiary-readerquestions.blogspot.com/ and you can view your post there. Thanks for reading!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Jennifer! You'll find the answer to your questions in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #490," which can be found on my new blog: "Modeling 101 - Answering Readers Questions."

Please visit this link: http://amodelsdiary-readerquestions.blogspot.com/ and you can view your post there. Thanks for reading!