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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Victoria's Secret Photos Unretouched vs. Retouched

I'm so glad to have come across this link that was posted by a local photographer on one of the Facebook modeling groups I'm a member of.

It's an exclusive look at photos of Doutzen Kroes's shoot for Victoria's Secret. We've all see this supermodel grace the pages of the VS catalog for quite some time now but I guarantee that you haven't seen her like this: unretouched. VS apparently accidentally released the unretouched pictures and while they did damage control, once it was on the Internet, there was no way to completely remove them afterwards.

She still looks amazing--don't expect for her to look unbelievably unattractive or anything but when you see the side-by-side comparison of the original photos--known in the industry as the "RAW" image--next to the professionally retouched, end result, you'll easily see how even the smallest of photo manipulation makes a big difference.

I doubt this will change many aspiring models' beliefs that they have to be "perfect" in order to snag a gig the likes of Victoria's Secret but I do hope strongly that seeing the "real deal" on how seemingly "perfect" women like Doutzen require Photoshopping puts things into perspective that even supermodels photograph just like the standard working model.

Click below for the scoop and to view the pictures:

Victoria's Secret Revealed--Unretouched vs. Retouched Photos

Make sure you actually read the article/content that goes along with it, too.

*Original link/content is courtesy of the site FStoppers.com

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