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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Modeling Agencies: Your Direct Path to the Industry

It continues to amaze me how people are just so in the dark when it comes to trying to get started in the modeling industry. Lately, I've come across many questions online (not necessarily my blog) that come from people that seem to want to go in the most round-about way to try and break into modeling. Questions such as:

- Where can I get the best exposure to get discovered?
- Should I post my pictures/videos on Youtube for agencies to find me?
- What is the best modeling convention or school to meet with agencies?

And so on and so on...PEOPLE LISTEN UP: modeling agencies around the country are literally just sitting there, ready and waiting to find new models! You don't have to go through middlemen or try to find outlets/resources in an effort to get discovered. Unless you get scouted and handed a modeling career, take your dreams into your hands and dive in head first!

That means finding the agencies yourself--they are out there. Savvy Internet searches will turn up the names of modeling agencies. Save yourself time and conduct your online search by narrowing it down to agencies in your city and/or state. Unless you plan on relocating to a larger market, there is no point in doing a nationwide search because if you aren't local, chances are the agency won't be interested anyway.

I don't know if people are just intimidated, scared or plain without a clue but seriously, I wouldn't steer you wrong--just about every modeling agency these days has an official website so they are basically welcoming you to inquire about their company with open arms. While most don't accept phone calls, the website contains all of the information you need to know.

Maybe some people just don't believe this but why make things harder on yourself by going in circles or trying to find someone to do the legwork for you? The most successful models I've come across (new as well as experienced) got to where they were in most cases by taking the initiative, submitting their photos or attending casting calls and then taking things from there. Not by waiting around, posting aimless questions online and hoping something will come through. It takes dedication, passion and action to ultimately start a modeling career--agency represented or freelance.

Trust me when I say do not go the middleman route (modeling schools, conventions, etc.)...the agencies are there for a reason. You just have to find them, learn the requirements--they're all but plastered on the websites for each agency--and follow the instructions. You can't go wrong when you deal directly with the agencies.

It really is the best method and above all that, it's free to send in your pictures and attend open calls so why pay for any other process/method? Throwing money around isn't going to get you any closer to agencies so take the affordable and PRACTICAL route and go through the agencies. You can't go wrong. The key is to work smarter not harder.

(PS: I'm not downing people that ask questions about getting into modeling, especially here on this blog...I'm mainly talking about people that post questions where the answers simply require common sense. There is a difference between asking questions to enhance your knowledge to help you with the process and tossing out questions just to see what you get. I can tell the serious model hopefuls from the ones that are merely in love with the "thought" of becoming a model.)

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