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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #161

Anna Wrote:

Hi!! I've always secretly wanted to be a Vicky's model (what girl doesn't?!) I'm going to be 18 in 4 months. I have a 22 waist (unless i've just eaten of course), 36 hips, and 36C bra size. I'm 5'7" 1/2. I've been told my face is pretty; I've got the long lashes, big eyes, high cheekbones, everything that's supposed to be in a model (so I've heard). However, I've never done any modeling before. :/ Should I just let go of the dream and move on? Or do I have some chance at this? 

Hello, Anna! You'll be happy to know that you do not have to be a professional, established model to be with Victoria's Secret. It sounds like you've got a great look and if an agency agrees, they'll more than likely overlook the small difference in height.

Once you get signed with an agency (hopefully it'll be Elite or Ford in New York, since these are the first two agencies that VS recruits from before others), you'll be booked for work and that's where you'll get your experience from so it's not like they'll throw you to the wolves and expect you to be a master at modeling lol. In fact, work on submitting yourself to Elite or Ford in New York now, as well as the other top agencies in that market, so that you can get a jump start on your career and begin building your portfolio!

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