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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest Shoot: Omnicell Product Shoot

One of the perks of working with good photographers is that they'll always keep you in mind for future projects! That was the case with the latest product shoot I was hired for. Earlier this year I did a medical product shoot for a company called Vocera, which was shot by photographer Dan Clark of the Weinberg-Clark team. I had a great time working on that project and Dan was such a pleasure to work with.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Dan asking if I'd be available for a similar shoot for a different company. He apologized for the last-minute notification (I got the email on a Friday and the shoot was scheduled for Tuesday morning)--luckily, I was totally free that day and told him I'd love to work with him again.

The client had yet to pick the official models and the details for the shoot hadn't been confirmed, which Dan told me up front but he recommended me when his client, Omnicell, asked for models. I was very happy when I received a follow up email, saying that I had been officially chosen and would be shooting from 11:30pm-3:30pm that Tuesday.

As per my habit, I arrived early and signed into the front desk. The shoot was actually taking place at the Omnicell office so I had to be escorted by one of the staff members that was helping with the shoot. Omnicell is a company that specializes in producing healthcare/medical related products and equipment for hospitals. They turned their gym into a studio so there was plenty of room for the white backdrop, products/equipment that needed to be shot and the crew.

I brought some wardrobe options as requested but it was decided that I would wear the company's medical scrubs since I'd be playing the role of a nurse. Then I went into hair and makeup but since it was a commercial shoot, I didn't have to deal with super glam and instead got a very natural look. Then it was time to shoot! I was given instructions on where to stand in front of the equipment, where to direct my eyes and given certain products to handle.

At one point I had to point at a screen that wasn't even there because it would be added in digitally in post-production...it was pretty funny since I was literally pointing at thin air, lol. After each shot was taken, the image appeared on the computer screen, which Dan and the rest of the crew, including the Omnicell staff, reviewed. From there they gave me feedback on tweaking the poses as needed until they got the shot they wanted.
This is what each image looked like after the shot was taken.
The studio set up in the Omnicell Gym.
The time flew by and everyone was so relaxed and friendly. Definitely different from a fashion shoot! There was also a table filled with fresh fruit, drinks, snacks and sandwiches--gotta love craft services! I was asked to stay a little later and got paid more than I was told in the beginning, which was definitely awesome.

The woman in charge of the shoot was actually the one who personally selected me from the models Dan had recommended--I made sure to thank her as well as everyone else on set when I was done and also passed out my business cards. The images won't be released right away but Omnicell said they would mail me the printed material once they were done so I'll have brochures as well as digital tearsheets to add to my portfolio...score!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you had a busy day!:) Sorry to bother you with more questions (seeing you get so many) but I have a situation. I am from Saskatchewan Canada (I live in the provinces capital) and want to be a model. I am meeting with a smaller local agency on thursday. Because I live in such an isolated area there are no high fashion jobs (such as high coture shows) can I apply to agencies in New York? I am fairly tall (5'9.5" and I'm 15) so I don't think those high fashion shows are out of reach. I would also possibly like to do VS one day too? I don't think all the models are from elite/ford are they? Chanel Iman is from IMG. (Btw I look similar to her). So how can I, while living in a small city, become a high fashion model? (Btw I am entering a model search in sept. The prize is a contract with NEXT models canada.) Is that good for VS and other prestigous jobs? Sorry for all the q's! :) -Shanelle

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Shanelle! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #168." Thanks for reading!