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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #132

Lydia Wrote:

Hi, I've wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model for a really long time but I'm 17 and only 5' 4" so I'm probably done growing. I'm guessing there aren't any jobs for like a petite Victoria's Secret model? I'm working on applying for Ford modeling, and I've done a little bit of modeling for a smaller local modeling agency. Do you know of any other good modeling jobs that I could work towards?
Thanks so much 

Hi, Lydia! There isn't much work for shorter models along the lines of VS, especially since petite modeling isn't very high in demand, unfortunately, unless you want to get into glamor modeling, which I'm not sure you have an interest in or not. However, you are close to the minimum height for commercial/print modeling, which is between 5'5"-5'7". Oftentimes commercial/print modeling agencies will consider a model that is 5'4" if she has a great personality and look that is marketable. So definitely take that into consideration if you're looking for an agency that can get you more work in that field.

As far as modeling jobs for models of your height, there is always parts modeling, beauty and hair modeling. If you get lucky, you might be able to find local designers that don't mind working with shorter models...they may give you the opportunity to do a shoot for their line. Of course that also depends on your location/market.

If you need more assistance finding suitable jobs or have more questions, shoot me an email: daniadenise@gmail.com. Best of luck to you!!!

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