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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latest Shoot & Tearsheets: Bay Fashion Magazine

I'm so excited! I finally found out that the April 2011 issue of Bay Fashion Magazine is the one that my pictures appear in, which are from a shoot I did back in February. The shoot was set up to showcase designer Caley Johnson of Miss G Designs. She specializes in making couture fashion headpieces. Her stuff is absolutely amazing! We networked through Facebook and after sending her a friend request with a message about how I admired her work, she hired me for this shoot, with guaranteed tearsheets as compensation.

The shoot took place in her home in San Francisco. A small room was set up as a studio with a plain backdrop. The photographer, Sid Erthal, is my new BFF lol. He is so much fun to work with and an absolute doll...we work together really well and couldn't stop laughing.

I hope to collab with him on future shoots for sure. It was a long day because there were a lot of headpieces to photograph, although not all of them made it into the magazine. Some of the pieces were fairly easy to wear and model, while others did have some weight to it--one of the headpieces I modeled was a huge, coral-like design that weighed a lot, not to mention I had to be very careful about how I positioned my head. But overall, we got a lot of work done, especially since the images were only from the chest up. I remained seated the entire time and simply moved my arms and/or torso for the poses.

Two of my images made it into Bay Fashion Magazine but I also received a link to the gallery of all my pictures from the shoot. Bay Fashion is a digital magazine but is also available in print so I am getting two print copies: one will be the official magazine I can show to my friends and family and the second one will be the one I rip my tearsheets out of so I can place them in my portfolio. As far as which images I'll choose from the gallery to get in hi res, I may pick 2 or 3 from the other headpieces I wore that weren't published just so I can have them handy for submitting for future gigs.

Here is the digital version of the tearsheets (my pictures appear on page 16 and 18 in the actual publication):

Here are some of the other headpieces I shot in. These have the photographer's watermark on them...there were so many in the gallery I liked that I told Sid it would be a few days before I could really decide the ones I want in hi resolution LOL:



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