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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lastest Casting Call: Oribe Hair Care Show

This past Monday I had the opportunity to head to Hollywood for a casting for a huge hair care and fashion show event taking place in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel in May. The show is featuring Oribe Hair Care, which is a pretty awesome product line. They've styled some amazing editorial and fashion spreads in magazines like Vogue, Vibe and V Spain, among many others.

Here is a link to one of their online portfolios of the celebs and various magazines they have worked with (talk about impressive!):

Oribe Hair Care Portfolio

Based in New York, Oribe was casting for hair models to do the event and decided to have the casting call in Los Angeles at a place called Le Posh Salon, located off of W. Sunset Blvd.

Out of the models that applied, I received a personal invite to the casting. Being "invited" to a casting is always a good sign, since it means it won't be a huge cattle call and shows that they've already weeded out most of the people that have applied. When it comes to hair shows, I typically don't apply to them because most want to hack off tons of hair and use crazy colors. However, for this particular event, they're actually going to be using colorful wigs--similar to "Hair Battle Spectacular" but not as outrageous. Once I knew they weren't going to touch my hair, I was totally in.

As is my habit, I arrived a little more than an hour early so I could relax and take my time. The email invite instructed us to bring a comp card and swimsuit to change into. I wore dark skinny jeans, taupe heels and a maroon, fitted tank top. For makeup I simply wore mascara, powder and clear gloss and had my hair down and curled. Eventually, I headed over to Le Posh Salon and was greeted by one of the women in charge of signing the models in. After signing in, she took a quick snapshot of me and I handed her my comp card. Then I waited to be called.

When it was my turn, I was sent to the other side of the salon, where I met Oribe himself, the "it" hair stylist of the line. Man, he was so wonderfully nice, down to earth and hilarious! He had me sit down in one of the salon chairs and pinned my hair up so that I could try one of the wigs. He chose a bright orange, shoulder length wig with fringe cut bangs.

After securing the wig, Oribe asked me to walk for him. He explained that he didn't want the stereotypical "zombie/fierce" walk...instead he was looking for "sensual" and "flirty" as well as smiles and personality. He loved my walk and then we talked about dates and availability. Once that was taken care of, I thanked him for his time and made sure to shake the hands of the other people involved in the casting and I was done! I didn't even have to wear my bikini so that made things a lot more comfortable for me, since I didn't have to deal with changing and stuff.

They are still working out the production aspect of the show but said they would be in touch with the models they want to hire within a week or two. I felt like Oribe really liked me and I felt totally comfortable at the casting so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and will definitely keep you all in the loop!

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