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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Latest Shoot: MsBellezza Jewelry Line

I have Facebook to thank for booking this particular shoot for jewelry designer, Catherine Potgieter, of MsBellezza Luxe Jewelry. The designer's assistant posted a casting call for models in a special FB group that I'm in, which was created by a local photographer for the purpose of providing a forum where professionals in the Northern California modeling industry can network and post casting calls for various projects. That's how I came across this modeling opportunity.

MsBellezza was casting for new faces to model their latest pieces from their Hollywood Collection, which was awesome because they were the same pieces worn by various celebrities on the most recent season of "Dancing With the Stars."

The shoot took place around 8AM at the photographer's studio. There were two other models, other than myself, and while there was one male model booked originally, he woke up late. When the designer called to check on his status and found out he was running late, she simply told him not to show up (this is why it is SO crucial to be on time, people!).

I consulted with the wardrobe stylist and did a quick fitting to see which outfits I would wear and with what jewelry sets. Afterwards, I got my makeup and hair done. Each of the models took turns posing in front of a white backdrop with the photographer, whose wife was also serving as his assistant.

What was really cool was the photographer was French and spoke the language as he shot, especially when he got excited about a pose...it was hard to focus on posing because he was making me laugh so hard--especially when he found out that I had taken French in high school. Between his fluent French and my attempt at recalling what I could remember, which came out in broken phrases, I'm surprised we got any work done!

Each outfit and jewelry set had its own look and feel so I started off with old school Hollywood glamour then got all rock-n-roll afterwards. The shoot overall lasted about five hours total and the entire crew was so much fun to work with. The MsBellezza line will be using the images on their official website, lookbook, catalog and any other advertising pieces they need. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to get tearsheets from any printed materials I come across. Below are the final images chosen by the designer...I'm going to try and get hi res copies to print for my book:


Anonymous said...

Kewl! But anyway, didn't you know casting calls are more legitimate if they are sponsored by well-known companies and brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline, or AXE, for example?

Catherine Potgieter said...

Hi Girl!

It's MsBellezza. No period or space. It was great working with you darling!