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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Tip #9

Category: Networking
For male and female models--mainly freelance.

When sending out online submissions to clients for modeling gigs, PLEASE pay attention to your grammar and avoid typos, misspelled words and typing like you text (If U have Evr sent a email that looks like dis 4 a modeling gig, UR crazy & shud not be hired!). Remember, you're presenting yourself as a professional and any written correspondence should reflect that.

A client that hired me for a modeling assignment in the past once told me that in addition to my experience, one of the major reasons I was chosen out of everyone else was because my initial email message to them was the most articulate and readable...and I find that such a sad occurrence that writing a proper email message is what impresses clients these days--it says a lot about the majority of people they interact with. You don't have to be an English major to know how to write a decent email. Read your email messages BEFORE sending them to clients at all times. Be equally wary of "professional" clients that send you emails with numerous typos, misspelled words and awkward sentences. This reflects poorly on their professionalism in my opinion, plus many times awkwardly worded emails are typically a sign of a potential scammer or phishing scam.

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