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Monday, December 12, 2011

Addressing a Reader Comment #7

Janasha Wrote:

I would love to become a VS Angel really.I think it shouldn't matter how tall you are because once you step into your heals your going to get tall anyways so why would it matter.I know that im going to be short , but I would love to become a VS Model its every girls dream and that dream is mine's. 

Hi, Janasha! Unfortunately, until the modeling industry says otherwise, height does matter. Even if a short model wears 5-6 inch Stilettos to give her some height, the other models that are naturally tall will still tower over shorter models because they, too, will be wearing high heels. In fashion shows and similar projects where the models all appear next to each other, they're always going to want the models to be uniformly similar in height.

While I don't agree with the whole height requirement aspect to modeling, these standards have been in place for decades and take a long time to change enough to where much shorter models will have the same opportunities as the taller models. What you have to understand is that modeling, including VS modeling, is a business that makes millions/billions of dollars a year.

They keep things the way they are because so far it has continued to make profits for everyone involved. Sadly, what many aspiring/newbie models do not understand or fail to realize is that the people that hire models do not do so to make the model's dream come true--it's so they can hope to make the most money off of them, among other reasons.

It's not fair but it is the reality that all models have to work within. It's nice that VS modeling is a major dream/goal of yours but it won't be a realistic one to pursue unless the VS company changes its height requirements, which it won't anytime soon, unfortunately. However, I would advise that you find the right kind of modeling that your height qualifies you for and try to break into the industry that way.

Remember, you'll get better results by working with what you have instead of wishing for what you don't. If you focus all your efforts on trying to be a VS model when you know they won't accept you because of your shorter stature, you'll be missing opportunities and overlooking agencies that represent models of your height (I don't know how tall you are but if you're 5'5"-5'7" you're ideal for commercial/print).

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