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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #269

Celeste Wrote:

Hi! My name is Celeste and I'm 13 and 5'8. I was wondering what the BEST agency would be to go to in about 5 months after my braces are off. (I live in Ohio) 

Hi, Celeste! To best improve your odds, I would highly suggest submitting to as many agencies as you can that you meet the requirements for. There are actually many Ohio modeling agencies that are very successful and have an impressive list of clients. Never hold out for one agency. What qualifies as the "best" agency, in my professional opinion, is one that has a reputable history of doing business, has a list of recognizable clients and produces results for its models by consistently booking them quality work and sending them out on castings they know their models have a good shot at getting hired for.

That being said, below are a list of Ohio agencies that are definitely worth looking into and submitting yourself for--don't forget to attend as many open calls as you can since this increases your odds of gaining interest from an agency:

Midwest Model Management

Heyman Talent

MTM - Model Talent Management

New View Management Group

Wings Model Management

Docherty Model & Talent Agency

The Talent Group

Active Image Management

Stone Model and Talent Agency


Celeste said...

Hi its Celeste! Thanks so much for the list! I will definitely submit some applications.

Kat said...

Hi Dania, can you do a post on special skills. I noticed on some agency websites they list skills that the models' can do independent of modeling. For instance some of them are singers, actors, dancers, musicians, etc can you list the importance of having a special skill in relation to the entertainment industry. I personally play the flute, I'm a mediocre singer I'm def. not American idol status(nor do I want to be... I won't be making cd's or holding concerts any time soon) but I've been told I can hold a descent tune. In addition I'm always looking of creative ways to improve my acting and my modeling. In regards to acting I'm taking classes at my local junior college. I guess I really want your opinion on the ability to have or create another skill that can be used in the industry besides acting and modeling:)

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Kat! Instead of finding the answer to your question in the "Answering a Reader Question Series", you'll find it as a regular blog post, titled "Special Skills: How They Help in Modeling." Thanks for reading!