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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #259

Anonymous Wrote:

I've recently been offered a contract from Silver Models and I'm not sure how to tell if the contract is a good one, not to mention the agency. They said I should have my lawyer take a look at it...what kind of lawyer would be familar with a modeling contract? Are there lawyers that specialize in this? I'm a man and I'm new to the fitness & modeling industries...so I feel a bit lost. I've searched the internet for info about the agency but I haven't found much and considering I'm not living in NYC and new to the industry...I don't know who to get advice from. Any words of wisdom? 

Hey there, Anonymous! Silver Model Management is a legit and reputable agency that's been around for a while so if they're interested in you, it's worth looking into. I do agree, however, with the agency's suggestion to review the contract with someone experienced, since you are new to the industry. You'll want to look at local lawyers/attorneys in your area that have experience dealing with what is known as "Entertainment Law." If there isn't anybody near you that has such expertise, then a regular lawyer/attorney who is skilled at evaluating contracts in general will do.

How did you come across the opportunity? Were you scouted or did you submit your pictures to their site? Since you don't live in NY, will you have to relocate or is it close enough to commute there? Either way, make sure to get the contract looked over and if you feel it'd be a good fit, go for it and see what happens. If anything, you can always terminate the contract according to the instructions given in the contract so don't feel like you'll have to be locked in forever.

I hope that helps and good luck to you!!!

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