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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #274

Katie J. Wrote:

Hi Dania, you mention model mayhem a lot on your blog. Can you tell of other websites besides model mayhem that I could use. I need to find a photographer to do some test shoots and I am more than willing to test for free I just want to gain experience in front of the camera. the reason I ask is because I was rejected from model mayhem and I want to find other ways to make things happen with or without an agency. Also one more thing do you know of commercial print/lifestyle agencies in N.Y. I plan on moving to N.Y. in February. 

Hey, Katie J! Did Model Mayhem give you a reason as to why they rejected your profile registration? Below are other websites similar to Model Mayhem that you can check out (I've only used the first two but am no longer active on them. The rest I can't personally vouch for):

- One Model Place (www.onemodelplace.com)
- Miss Online (http://www.missonline.com/)
- Model URL (http://modelurl.com/)
- Moo Faces (http://moofaces.com)

Below are the websites for agencies in NY that have commercial/print and lifestyle divisions that you can look into:

BMG Models

Funny Face Today Model Management

Model Service Agency, LLC

Monarch Agency

Silver Model Management


katie j. said...

Hi dania, this is Katie they did not give me a reason as to why they rejected my profile. I re-submitted today and I added my experience and my goals/reasons for using their site. I hope this works because I don't know what else to tell them to make them choose me.

Dania Denise said...

Hey, Katie! I'll keep my fingers crossed that MM accepts your profile this time around. That's lame that they don't at least tell you why it got rejected.

If MM still doesn't see the light and if you don't care for the results you get from the other casting websites, let me know and I can look up photographers in your city/state through my MM account. Then I can simply send you their contact info and link to their portfolio so you can get in touch with them that way. If you want, feel free to shoot me an email: daniadenise@gmail.com if you want to handle things outside of my blog, where it's not so public. :-)

katie j. said...

wow Dania i will def. take you up on that offer thank you so much i appreciate it.

Dania Denise said...

You are very welcome! :-)