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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #278

Sophia Wrote:

hi, my name is sophia and im turning 13, and i have always wanted to be a vs model and i know the requirements... so i went online and looked up agencies but all of them were really far from wear live so i dont know what to do, my mom wants to move so thats not a problem but what if their not good enough agencies to get me where i want to go like to be a vs model? also im kind of short like only 5'0 and i dont think im going to get my grandpas height he 6'5 ... so what do you think i should do or can do? 

Hi, Sophia! I would suggest that you look into local agencies in your area that have teen and commercial/print divisions. Those are the two types of modeling that you more than likely qualify for. As long as the agency you sign with has a good list of clients they've worked with and book you for paying gigs to build your portfolio, they will put you on the right path towards gaining experience. Plus, you can always work your way up over the years and move to a bigger agency in a larger market/location as you get older.

Don't count out the local modeling agencies...they are just as effective as the larger agencies in the sense that they will only submit you for the highest paying work and give you the best exposure possible until you're ready to move up to a market like New York. But remember, until you can manage to reach at least 5'8", fashion and runway agencies won't be an option for you. However, you do have a few years ahead of you so that could change.

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