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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Latest Casting Call: Citrix

Went on my second casting call through my new agent for a company called Citrix about a week ago. They specialize in creating technology and software for a variety of different uses.

I was told to choose wardrobe from either of the following descriptions: business casual, casual or business professional/formal.

I opted for business casual and wore black heeled boots (closed-toe), black slacks and a white short-sleeve blouse with turquoise and green flower designs on it. I got to the casting early, signed in and filled out a short info sheet, which asked for my name, email and my agency information (agency name, main contact, phone number).

I knew it could be a bit of a wait so I brought a book along with me. When it was my turn, I was taken into a room where there was only one person running the casting. She actually worked for the casting office and wasn't an employee with Citrix. So I knew the client wasn't going to be present and the casting office would simply email everyone's photo submissions to them, which they would then use to choose who they wanted to hire.

The girl was really nice and she gave me brief instructions about what kinds of photos she was going to take. The first photo was a close-up headshot, with me holding a piece of paper that had my name and a random # on it. Then I got rid of the paper and she took a regular headshot, followed by a full body shot, 3/4 full body shot where I was facing to the right of the camera and then another 3/4 full body shot where I was facing to the left of the camera. It took about 5-6 minutes total and that was it.

Since I haven't heard back, I'm assuming I wasn't chosen but it's all good--there's always tons more castings to attend! Just another day at the office, lol.

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